A year in books

Last year I posted a plea for recommendations for books to read aloud to Felix, the response to which you can read here. I ordered a great swathe of them, we found a few at the library, and collected a few more as the year went by. We read:

Roald Dahl: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


James and the Giant Peach

George’s Marvellous Medicine

J.K. Rowling : The Harry Potter series, right up to the middle of book 5. Michael read these to Felix, and I was worried they would get too intense for him, but he did so well! I was inspired to read them all to keep up with them both (I had never gotten around to it earlier), and what a revelation that was. So. Much. Fun. Michael read them to him all through the summer holidays, but once Felix started school the intensity was a bit much, so we’ve put them aside for now.

Milly Molly Mandy. I got a big book of collected stories. Felix quite liked them but to be honest as adults we found them a bit boring… Antonia might get into them soon I guess.

Tashi. Antonia and Felix both loved this – I got The Big Book of Tashi which contained quite a few stories – I think I’ll get hold of the next one, too.

Astrid Lindgren: Pippi Longstocking (Soooo good.)

Pippi and the South Seas

Pippi goes Abroad

Emil’s Clever Pig (Felix and I just adored Emil – must get hold of the others)

Karlson on the Roof

Lotta’s Bike

Lotta says No, and I think one more Lotta book. (Antonia and I loved these too. I recognise Antonia in Lotta!)

The 13 story treehouse and sequels. Felix thinks these are the best thing ever.

Laura Ingills Wilder: The Little House in the Big Woods

Farmer Boy

The House at Plum Creek (we’re half way through this one – Felix couldn’t find The Little House on the Prairie but I’ve located it now so we’ll read that next) These are great to read aloud. Just mesmerising.

There were probably a few more. Michael has done the bulk of the reading, but I’ve now instigated a ‘taking turns’ bedtime rule, so we alternate reading to Felix and Antonia. Which is nice.


3 thoughts on “A year in books

  1. Hey Mel, what do you mean by taking turns? One night you read to Felix and one night you read to Antonia? Have you tried reading to both of them together at the same time (or this doesn’t work)?

  2. Yep – we alternate children… Except when Michael’s away. They both like such different books! There is some overlap in tastes but Felix is a very sophisticated listener (and is twice Antonia’s age) so it’s the way it works for the moment. Antonia is getting better at listening to longer stories now but she still likes picture books and Felix has decided he’s a bit above them (though still enjoys them sometimes of course…) They also both enjoy some one-on-one attention at bedtime, and if we separate them they find it easier to calm down and relax for bed…

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