It rained all weekend. Here is Felix drawing in the cafe, and Antonia in her play kitchen wearing her floaty ring. As you do. We went to the pool yesterday and they loved it. I think we’ll start doing that more.

We also made pumpkin scones this weekend out of the kids cookbook Felix got for Christmas. They were yum and really fun to make. Antonia now insists on getting in on the act so they both perched on a kitchen chair and stirred with a wooden spoon each. My favourite mental image is Antonia’s soft little paw enthusiastically patting the dough.

One thought on “6/52

  1. hehehe! Love the floaty ring and Felix’s concentration! M made his first batch of (instant) scones solo this morning. I just left the things out and he got to it when he felt like it (it was a school holiday today). They were perfect and it was terribly gratifying for both of us! Next up – solo scones from scratch! Our favorite show at the moment is The Great British Bake Off, so he’s been learning all sorts of helpful tips ;-). So glad to know you all share in our baking passion! xoxo

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