The last day of September


It’s høstferie this week, which is basically the autumn school holidays, just one week. There’s no teaching at university either. I had planned to use this time to get ahead on class preparation and rewrite an article, but Antonia has been sick (not dreadfully sick, though but they kept sending her home from barnehage). I couldn’t send her today so I decided to keep Felix home as well. We’ve all been hit by a cold this week, actually, so it is good to have a little pause.

We walked to our favourite cafe in the harbour, and Felix devoured his favourite custard bun. The ritual of the custard bun began when he was barely one, and he hasn’t tired of it yet.


Antonia doesn’t like buns but she was happy enough drinking the foam from my latte and playing with a fireman’s helmet. They have a few boxes of toys, a play kitchen and a play table, enough to keep the little ones occupied for a while.


They both pottered around with the toys quite happily for a bit. These are some of my very favourite moments – the sun slanting through the cafe, contented children, mine, a breath, a pause…


Then we wandered around the harbour before meeting up with friends in the afternoon.


The clouds and sun were all silky in the water.


7 thoughts on “The last day of September

  1. My Mum made it – and the purple one she wears. I don’t get too much time for knitting these days, but I’m tempted to make one too… The colds are gone now (well, Michael has it now but the rest of us are ok). I’m ready for two months more hard work before we can escape to Australia for a bit…

  2. So lovely that you’ll have that rest. I start on the 4:30am bus to 5:20am ferry across the bay to work from 6:30am – 1pm, then ferry and bus home in time for M to return from school. Lots of fabulous knitting and reading time ahead – if I don’t fall asleep every leg of the journey!! So wishing you could come for a visit again soon. Maybe by the time you do I’ll have spun some yarn from our sheep that you might use on a sweet knitting project 🙂

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