Antonia: a girl after my own heart. She loves to climb up onto Felix’s little chair, select a book, then sit down and ‘read’.

Felix: Mum snapped this photo of him sailing his sea plane on our recent holiday on the Swedish coast.

It has been so lovely having my parents around. We stayed down on the Swedish coast for a few nights – a gorgeous place of rocky outcrops and boat-filled harbours. It was a perfect summer holiday. The weather has not been brilliant this summer, so I felt spoilt with two days of sunshine by the sea – playing in the garden behind the B&B, clambering on the rocks at the beach, eating ice cream, cake, fish and pizza at the wharf, mini golf, bouncy castles, and a beautiful watercolour museum.

In one week I go back to work and Antonia starts barnehage. Can you believe it? My parents are off on a trip through Europe for ten days, coming back for the weekend of Antonia’s birthday. So I have some time now to focus on the transition. There are a few things left to sort out – making sure Antonia has all the gear she needs – rain clothes, shoes (she’s never worn shoes!), lunch box, rain boots etc. Not to mention locating all of Felix’s stuff too. I am excited and a little apprehensive, and I hope my dear sweet cuddly Antonia will be ok. I have been mentally preparing for this moment all year, and it is so close now that there is no time for hesitation – merely a few deep breaths before we all plunge in.

But here are some more glimpses of our trip.

11753675_873294022759226_4042425121541512540_nDSC_0077  DSC_0075DSC_0023mumandkids


4 thoughts on “30/52

  1. That photo of Antonia brought tears to my eyes…what a doll! And what fun times you have had this past year! Seeing those photos of Sweden made me think of The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. Have you read it? I read it on an island every summer …haven’t selected an island yet this summer, but sure wish it was Gotland in Sweden! Thinking of you all as your summer comes to a close and big changes are set in motion. So here in 6 weeks when I return to full time work in the city (a 1 hr 45 min door-to-door bus, ferry, walk commute away)!

  2. Aw thanks Rain – I love the photo of Antonia reading the book. I have a couple of others of her on the chair that are cute too. I haven’t read that book but will add it to my list! Will probably have to wait a while as soon I need to stop holiday reading and start re-reading everything I’ll be teaching, eek! In less than three weeks I’ll be standing in front of an expectant lecture theatre! Good luck with your new work – will you get time for reading on your commute? When I had a long commute to Oslo on Fridays I used to madly finish power-points on the way in and fall asleep on the way back.

  3. Hahaha! Well, I suspect my commute will look something like yours did, but one can hope for lots of reading and knitting time!! Will be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing how everything goes in the coming weeks and months!

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