Felix: asleep with his mouse and his London bus.

Antonia: swinging with my brother. Antonia is discerning with new people but she loved Jon immediately.

I spent this week in London with the kids while Michael was in America. We stayed in a hostel near Hyde Park and visited my brother and his girlfriend, went to six different playgrounds, five museums, and went on the underground, a London bus, taxis, an a boat on the Thames. And walked and walked and walked.

4 thoughts on “25/52

  1. I know this isn’t what your blog is about/for, but I would love a consult on making travel happen. We haven’t had a trip exceeding 3 nights since 2012. Haven’t left the country on a plane since 2006 (at least we’ve had a few nights in Canada). Clearly we are doing something wrong and/or living in the wrong country!!! Thanks for sharing all your adventures as vicarious travel is the best I can do these days.

  2. Not sure, Rain. I guess it’s much harder if you don’t get much time off work. The only advice I can give is to do it anyway – go alone if your partner’s busy, go for a short time if you can’t go for a long time, do it anyway, even if you’re not sure it’s going to work… stay with friends or family so it’s cheaper…

  3. Speaking of which, you know there’s always room for you here in our guest cottage. Or maybe we could do a house swap one day 🙂 Our new place is light years away from the city condo – on so many levels! Would love to have you again and meet both Michael and gorgeous Antonia!

  4. Oh thank you Rain. 🙂 We seriously thought about coming over this year but it seemed too much in the end with a compulsory longish trip to Germany, and the thought of dealing with jet lag in the kids for a short trip was unappealing. But we will make it over there sometime!!

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