Grandparent love


We’ve been staying in a holiday apartment in Kassel, but spending a couple of hours every day with Michael’s folks. They’ve loved having us around for so long. We took these pictures in a restaurant known as the Waffle Queen, which serves the most remarkable array of waffles. They took me here the first spring I was in Kassel, ten years ago. Michael says he doesn’t remember it, but I have been itching to get back every trip since. I had a lebkuchen (christmas gingerbread) waffle with chocolate icecream and sour cherries. It did not disappoint.









3 thoughts on “Grandparent love

  1. By the time we get back we’ll have been away for three weeks, spending most of the time in Kassel, a weekend in Luxembourg and six days travelling (including two nights on the ferry). Two of the travel days are only two hour drives (from our home to the ferry in Sweden, and back at the end), so that’s not too bad. Now we have two more nights in Kassel, two nights up at the coast near Kiel, and finally the night on the ferry. So although there are still five nights away from home it feels like it’s coming to an end!

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