Felix: Fireman’s hat on, so proud of the towers he built while I attempted to put Antonia to sleep. He told me the tallest tower fell over several times but he didn’t mind, he just tried again. He discovered it worked best if he saves the lightest blocks for the top. I’m so proud of him.

Antonia: Recovering from a nasty cold; entranced by her hands.

I took both of these photos on Friday, a good and jam-packed day, despite Antonia being awake for several hours the night before with a fever. Felix goes to barnehage four days a week and stays home with me for one. We had Felix’s four year check-up (a bit of a non-event, but we discovered his eyesight is quite good), ate buns in our favourite cafe, swung on the swings outside the library while we waited for it for open, read books there for an hour, walked back through town, came home for lunch, made block towers, baked ANZAC biscuits, had a picnic on the lawn while Antonia napped in the stroller, bounced on the trampoline, cooked and ate dinner and even cleaned up the kitchen before I tipped the two little ones into the bath. I’m channeling my Aunty Anne these days – she said to me recently, reminiscing on raising her four children: ‘I remember thinking: I don’t need to sit down now, even though I wish I could, there will be time enough for that once they have grown up. And there is.’

I love the concentration on Antonia’s face in the photo above, but I just have to include this one, too.

Linking with Jodi for a portrait of my children once a week in 2015.


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