Felix: Jet-lagged and tired after a day at barnehage, but concentrating hard on ‘cooking’ dinner in his mini kitchen. I love the light in our house on sunny afternoons. Felix has been enjoying systematically reacquainting himself with his old toys. It has been delightful to see how easily he’s transitioned to being back here, though today he insisted that we ring both Grandma and Grandma Ruth. Also this week, for the first time in his life, he’s told us three nights in a row: ‘I want to go to bed now’. Which, I must admit, I do too.

Antonia: Trying to get the camera strap. Many people offer comments about Antonia when I’m out and about. ‘Look at her arms’, said a florist in Adelaide – ‘she’s a Michelin baby!’ ‘It doesn’t look like she skips any meals’, said a Norwegian lady in a cafe last year. My favourite was from a mother at a paddling pool in Adelaide – ‘Oh, is that your baby? She’s spectacular.’ And somebody else, I can’t remember who, said – ‘she has possibly – no, definitely – the best baby cheeks I have ever seen.’ And she is truly delicious. How lucky am I, to kiss those cheeks all day.

I suspect Antonia’s eyes may go hazel-green like Felix’s and my own, but for the moment they are blue as blue, especially around the edges. I love this deep blue cardigan we bought in Australia, and it matches our favourite nick-name for her, Bubble.

Linking with Jodi for a portrait of my children once a week in 2015.



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