Mum complained today that there were not enough photos. Antonia smiled at Mum on skype for the first time today. Up till now she’s only stared suspiciously at the computer, though she will smile at anyone who meets her eyes. It’s hard to find time to blog because my littlest darling is not a fan of early nights, and there are other things to do during the day.


But I love her. I love her. I feel so happy at the moment, although not much is happening aside from very simple acts of cuddling and feeding children and (when time permits) straightening up the house.


Antonia’s pretty happy too.



2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Agreed…the perfect start to my day! Thank you for taking the precious time to post your precious!! You must be excited…home is just around the corner! So wishing we were going this Christmas, or at the very least next summer. But, as fate has it, I may be returning to full time work (after nearly 20 years as a freelancer – eep!) which means no vacation travel for me until 2016 :-(. Today a move (or even an extended vacation) to Australia feels farther away than ever … but I try to remain optimistic. Change is ever-upon us, no? Looking forward to more vicarious travel with you and your gorgeous family in the coming months! xoxo

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