Autumn walk

awalkI took the two little ones on a walk to feed the ducks and look at the beaver homes on Sunday afternoon. My ambition of taking a photo of the three of us feeding the ducks was quickly abandoned in favour of making sure Felix didn’t fall in the water, scaring away two bold ducks on Felix’s behalf, rescuing the bread-bag, and scooping Antonia off to find a bench for a feed. But we had a nice walk.

awalk2Above, Felix is grumpy that I am taking photos instead of retrieving the huge stick he threw into the water. Needless to say, I rescued the stick. After a feed and a short nap in the pram, Antonia looked up at all the trees with her quiet, shiny eyes.


4 thoughts on “Autumn walk

  1. Oh how lovely!!! I wish we could come – Felix would love it even more now. We are seriously thinking of heading in your direction spring next year – will keep you posted! xxx

  2. Oh how wonderful! We have a most comfortable guest room above the garage with views of snow-capped peaks and a wee narrow sea passage. If you don’t mind being awakened by a ferry horn, barking sea lions, scolding stellar jays, or howling coyotes, we would love to have you stay with us!

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