Berlin again


We had a lovely time in Berlin despite the challenges of shepherding (me) and carrying (Michael) a three year old around Berlin in the absence of a stroller. Felix was a big fan of the pizza.


And the dinosaurs and other curiosities at the Natural History Museum.




We visited the real fish again too. Felix perched in Michael’s arms is certainly a recurring image.


There are plenty of playgrounds and play-cafes in Berlin, including this play-cafe which provided dilapidated tricycles for small children.


But the biggest hit of all was the Technology Museum, specifically, the trains.


When we finally reached a steam engine you could actually climb inside, Felix ‘drove’ it furiously for more than half an hour.




Chuff chuff chuff….



2 thoughts on “Berlin again

  1. Thank you! Yes I need to instruct my photographer to take some photos of ME! He’s so besotted with Felix these days it’s hard to get a look in…

    I can’t wait either. 36 and a half weeks now. And they tell you you’re full term at 37 weeks. Which is a cruel joke because I’m sure there will be at least another five weeks to go…

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