I guess there is no better word, but the image of a bird fluffing her feathers and pecking at sticks doesn’t quite convey the fierce wellsprings of energy I feel right now to clear surfaces, overhaul cupboard space, throw away old clothes and broken toys, sort, streamline… Everything I look at has to be fixed now.

Felix woke up at four this morning (can’t blame him, by four there has been full daylight for ages), and I could still hear him shuffling around in his bed after five, so I lay on the sofa in his room for a while to help him back to sleep. Yesterday I bought him a light-up kid’s globe of the earth (have been meaning to get him something like that for ages as he loves maps and always talks about Grandma in Australia and Opa in Germany and the Mooxies in Africa and the Huut at the North Pole). Last night I installed it on his recently rearranged shelves and moved his playmobile pirate ship up from the loungeroom to put next to it. They look awesome together. But as I lay on the sofa at 5am trying to breath calmly to convince him to sleep, the missing sails on the pirate ship that his friends pulled off at his party in February started to bug me and I thought – I must locate them immediately and insist that Michael attach them again. And I had to laugh at myself, and flick the book on my kindle from ‘Birth Skills’ (way too exciting) to a history of Britain in a vain hope to trick myself into going back to sleep as well. Felix’s breathing slowed, but I realised it wasn’t going to happen for me, so I came downstairs, my subconscious in no way convinced that properly attached pirate ship sails were not of the upmost importance.

On Monday we got back from a long weekend in Berlin (it was lovely, photos soon). Though of course it had its challenges (exacerbated by our stroller breaking down the morning we left, resulting in Michael having to carry the boy around a lot), it was lovely being able to focus on activities for Felix – he is at an age now when it pays off.

Now Felix has three weeks holiday from the barnehage and I am enjoying the rhythm of being home with him every day, playing and reading and walking between my tidying frenzies…

Oh no! I was sure the boy would sleep in after being awake in the night but 6.30 it is… We have already built a train track and a town and found some coffee beans for Douglas to transport at Felix’s very specific request. Another day.