Barnas Dag


Had a gorgeous day with Felix in town last Saturday. They had all sorts of activities on for children, including  a firetruck, police cars and an ambulance to climb in. Felix was very excited (and nervous) about meeting the police. One of his favourite things to say to us right now is ‘tell me about jails!’ In the photo below he’s telling me there are going to be two policemen, and it turns out he was right.


He was much too terrified to go anywhere near the policemen or the police car. He peered at them from the safety of the fire station across the road, and eventually built up the courage to climb up into the fire engine.




We picked up a free fireman’s hat at the shopping centre, had another coffee and bun stop, then strolled along the river.




In the harbour, Felix discovered the best thing ever – a big slide! I was amazed how brave he was. It was really hard to peel him away.






4 thoughts on “Barnas Dag

  1. Beautiful photos! We are getting a lot of that kind of light here lately – the kind that has stormy bluish-grey clouds mixed with super green trees/grass. It’s my favourite kind of light, and it is the kind of light that produces rainbows.

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