We went to Australia. For Christmas. For Ages. It was great.

We got back nearly two weeks ago. It took a week to combat the jet-lag, and until today, really, for me to get used to the cold. It’s not even that cold – it’s been hovering around -4. Tonight the fire whirs and snowflakes drift in the streetlight outside. Today I took Felix to Gamlebyen to look at the model train museum, and it was, in his words, a lovely afternoon. The most difficult part was getting him to leave the place. The bribe of a hot-chocolate nearly didn’t cut it.










2 thoughts on “Back

  1. So glad you were able to go home for such a long visit! I’m starting to despair that we’ll never get M there…moving plans are stalled for now, so it will likely be a vacation rather than a stay. If so, hopefully we can make it at Christmas time so we can meet up! But whether it will be 2014 or beyond I don’t know yet :-(. Will write more off-line soon. Your dear Felix makes my heart melt. Hugs to you both from us!! xoxo

  2. Seattle is pretty hard to beat if you ask me! Daydreaming of a trip back there one day. I’m teaching American civilisation (!!) at the moment and it’s making me very nostalgic. Looking forward to hearing from you. xx

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