Sunday morning

Felix’s train engines are having polite conversations as they shunt each other around the track. ‘Can you take my flat bed for me?’ ‘Of course I will. Straight away. We’ll have you back on the track in no time.’ I wonder what percentage of Felix’s life so far consists of pushing little wooden trains around and making up stories. He’s all floppy hair and blue pyjamas. We’ve already cooked and eaten pancakes. Baking is his other passion. ‘Shall we make something in Mummy’s kitchen?’ By the time I’ve finished cooking my pancake, he’s nearly finished his. ‘Who’s going to eat Mummy’s pancake?’ ‘Mummy!’ ‘Who else?’ ‘Just Mummy.’ ‘Mummy share!’ I acquiesce but he realises he’s full and its back to the trains.

Tomorrow it is back to teaching for me after a much needed høstferie, autumn  break. Six weeks into the semester now, and it’s been great but intense – I committed to a little too much so I feel I’m rather stumbling through the weeks, and would be doing a better job if I were doing less. All the same, while teaching British civilisation as well as literature has been challenging, it’s been fascinating, and I hope I have the chance to do it again. I’m thrilled to have some more teaching lined up for next semester (a much civilised 8 hours a week, instead of 13).

The cold kicked in here about three weeks ago. Until then it was cold in the mornings but warm by midday, and then, suddenly, it wasn’t. The colours are gorgeous. I’ve nearly finished knitting a jumper for Felix – just have to cast off the neckline and sew in all the ends. I have lacked the momentum to do so this past week as I know actually getting the thing on him is going to be a ridiculous struggle. Despite chatting endlessly about how it’s ‘nearly winter’ and we have to wear ‘lots of clothes’, the reality of wearing more layers is not going down well.

The boy needs some attention now. I may be back.

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. Oh Felix! You are such a love!! It’s been two years now – TWO! I can’t believe it. But I am so happy that this time of year always reminds me of you and our wonderful visit. Thankfully, I’m in a much better place than I was when you were here. I do hope you can come stay with us again so I can show you an even better time – if not here, then Australia (which is still at least 18 months away, although M is officially an Australian citizen now, so we’re definitely making progress). I have yarn to knit M a vest, but find little time to do so. Most impressed by your knitting progress – looking forward to seeing photos when you’re done 🙂 Hugs to you all!!

  2. argh speaking of progress, I need to renew my Australian passport. MUST DO IT!!! So nice to hear from you here. I’m happy things are going well for you. I still miss your blog, and have such fond memories of our visit. I don’t really have time to knit either, hence taking an entire week to cast off… And yes, when we move to Australia we will definitely see you, but it would be very fun if we could manage it before then. Fingers crossed…

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