Felix keeping a very firm grip on the wheel a couple of weekends ago…

The blog has been quiet lately because I have been busy. Every spare moment (i.e. every moment in which Felix is sleeping and I am not) I have been marking essays. They are all done now save one. Despite this, it’s not going to get any easier till July. The next big deadline is the end of May – my level three Norwegian test, and before then I also need to finish my syllabus for my teaching next semester. In the midst of this I’m trying to straighten out the house a bit to make life more streamlined. And one week after my Norwegian test, I’ll have fifty exams to mark. I have one day a week to myself – the rest of this must be done in the evenings. One day at a time.


Despite this Felix and I have been enjoying ourselves. Michael was in America last week and I was impressed with how calmly we kept things together. Yesterday Felix and I spent an hour in the park in town. Felix poked sticks into puddles with some bigger kids, and then ran round and round in the rotunda while the seagulls reeled about us. And today Michael was back, bearing gifts, and we had the loveliest day all together again.

It’s Michael’s birthday later this week. When I asked Felix what he thought Daddy would like for his birthday, he thought about it for a minute, then said ‘beads’.


Wildlife park


These are photos from a (very cold) afternoon at a wildlife park in Germany over Easter, which I’ve been meaning to put up for a while.


We saw rabbits, pigs, penguins and raccoons but Felix was most excited about the little train. He was desperate to get on it but didn’t enjoy it as much as he thought he would as it was a bit noisy.


Waffles certainly cheered everyone up. Then I even got to meet some old friends.