Good Friday


German Easter decorations are out in force!


Our favourite ice cream cafe


Also, snow.


Sigh. We are so ready for spring.


Felix never wants to take off his pyjamas in the morning and for once we indulged him.


It has been a little stressful as Felix appears to be allergic to something in this house, but his ventolin puffer is keeping it under control. He just loves his Oma and Opa and has been practicing counting to ten in German.


3 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. I think I love your ice cream cafe, too! What is that gorgeous fluted white and red treat? M, when he’s not preferring being totally naked, leaves his pajamas on as much as possible, too. And, he insists on wearing them until they are way too small – his belly sticks out. It’s too cute to argue (much) ;-). Have a lovely weekend. Sorry about the snow – it’s everywhere but here still, too. thankfully…it’s been sunny(!) and warm for a weeks now. Crazy weather.

  2. I envy you the sun! (And that’s funny about the pjs.) It’s actually warmer in Norway at the moment than it is here – about +5 I think… I’m hanging out for green leaves but I think it will be another six weeks…

  3. Lovely to catch a glimpse of your weekend. Germany seems a better option than Australia for introducing Felix to Easter traditions too! Love to all

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