So tired


Ugh. I am exhausted. Just two days away from the end of a busy busy fortnight. Last night instead of preparing my teaching I had to take Felix to the emergency doctor because of compromised breathing. Luckily after getting some medicine and inhalations he improved so much that I could take him home again, and he’s ok now. Here is a picture of my favourite coffee shop, where Felix and I spent a lovely quiet hour this morning. (I took the photos moments before the place started filling up with happy customers.)


3 thoughts on “So tired

  1. Oh I’m so glad he’s feeling better! No wonder this place is a favorite…check out that wooden ship! I try not to day dream too much about spending winters (June-August) in Australia followed by autumn in Maine (September-November), back to winter in Norway (December-February) then spring in Seattle (March-May)…but I am a hopeless failure :-).

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