Felix makes banana cake


Last weekend Felix had such a nice time taking over my kitchen.


I think the cinnamon was his favourite bit.


He then enjoyed the fruit of his labours with one of his best friends. A little man after my own heart.




3 thoughts on “Felix makes banana cake

  1. How can he keep getting cuter?!? Love these photos. Hope you are warm and well. I’m dreaming of being “snowed in”, even though being “rained in” is what we’ll likely be most of this winter. Still, it’s cold and grey enough for fires in the hearth. And I think we’ll make our own banana cake (with chocolate chips in your honor) this afternoon! xoxo

  2. It has been freezing here! Last week was below -10 all week. Now it’s a toasty -3. We’ve had a bit of snow with lots more to come… It’s nice to think of you guys making banana cake too! We’ve been daydreaming about exploring your corner of the US a bit better… Maybe next time we manage a US family holiday, though I’m not sure when that will be!

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