The end of September

Felix is taking his second autumn in his stride, even if he will not leave his hat on.

He seems such a long way from this little guy, even if I recognize the cheeky grin.

We all miss my parents now they’ve got on a big plane and now appear to live inside a computer. But we’ve been consoling ourselves with scones and soup and friends and banana cake and scarfs and hand-knitted jumpers and walks among the yellow leaves. I think we’ll be ok.

7 thoughts on “The end of September

  1. So lovely to see you all warm and cozy in hand knits :-). You wouldn’t believe the weather we’ve had – one day of rain in 2 months…temps around 21 every day and so much sunshine! I need to get a shutterfly update done soon…so much going on with Kindy starting and all. Hugs and love to you both.

  2. After watching you going all over the world, it’s somehow so amazing to see this little creature you have made walking out into the world. Love the red sweater and the blue Gummistiefel and the so green grass – and the black cat confidently walking along…. It just looks like a picture of happiness.
    Watching you from away in Minneapolis.

  3. Gorgeous. I’m sure you’ll be much more than ok. Felix looks even more grown up in these photos! Enjoy your Autumn as spring starts to show its face over here.

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