The end of September

Felix is taking his second autumn in his stride, even if he will not leave his hat on.

He seems such a long way from this little guy, even if I recognize the cheeky grin.

We all miss my parents now they’ve got on a big plane and now appear to live inside a computer. But we’ve been consoling ourselves with scones and soup and friends and banana cake and scarfs and hand-knitted jumpers and walks among the yellow leaves. I think we’ll be ok.

By the way

Sorry for the long blog silence. We’ve been having a wonderful time with my parents. We even went to a Leonard Cohen concert at the Halden fortress. Last weekend we all went to Germany, and my parents went to the Documenta while we hung out with Michael’s parents and let Felix run around in some wonderful autumnal parks. But then Felix got pretty sick and had to spend three nights in hospital (bronchitis/croup), so we had to stay away longer than we thought and are still recovering… More soon…


Sorry for the blog silence. We’ve been busy having a wonderful time with my parents, who are visiting. They’ve headed off to north norway for the weekend, but we have some old Australian friends arriving tomorrow, so it’s still all go around here. Felix loves having his grandparents around, and today has been asking for ‘dama’ and ‘poppa’. So it’s a good thing they’ll be back in a couple of days. (This last photo is blurry but oh so sweet.)