How to have a perfect day

We’ve just returned from such a lovely week in Austria. (See here for one of my most popular posts of all time, in which I extol the virtues of an Austrian holiday.) A couple of days ago, we all had pretty much the perfect day.

Morning: adventure playground with Oma and Opa (Felix would have happily stayed on the swing for hours), then up the cable car to the paraglider launch. Felix spotted plenty of cows, buses and tunnels.

Michael was flying all morning, but Moni and Herbert and I played with Felix in the sandpit, the trampoline and the little house outside the mountain café.

Back to base for lunch. During Felix’s nap, Herbert, Michael and I ducked out to ride the toboggan down the mountain.

Back to base to pick up Moni and Felix, and then off to another cable car and up up up. Moni stopped at the middle station for a coffee and strudel, but the rest of us went right to the top. Felix clambered around on the bouncy castle, and then I carried him in the ergo up a little track to a most incredible viewing platform, where I caught up with Michael and Herbi.

Back down again, picking up Moni on the way, and straight to a restaurant around the corner from our apartment, with views over the meadows towards the mountains.

We ate Austrian specialties for dinner and sat outside for hours while Felix pottered around the awesome play area underneath the apple trees. And what this list can’t really describe is just how happy we all were together today. We’re all exhausted now but in the best possible way.


3 thoughts on “How to have a perfect day

  1. I have to say that Austria hasn’t been at the top of my European travel list, but you are definitely convincing me here. What a lovely, lovely day! Blessings to you all. xoxo

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