We made it! Felix and I have survived his first five months in the barnehage. Since he learnt to walk, especially, he has really enjoyed it there. Whenever I go to pick him up he’s bumbling around having a great time. I’ve also enjoyed my work a lot of the time. But now, as is Norwegian custom, we are on holiday all July, and I’m looking forward to having my boy to myself again.

Michael took so many sweet pictures last weekend. Felix was laughing his head off because I was trying to take his fingers out of his mouth for the photo. He wanted to chew on them because teeth no. 10 and 11 were cutting through. For some reason he thought it was hilarious.

My sweet sweet cuddly, funny boy.

2 thoughts on “Hugs

  1. How delicious! All of July to play together! I’m so sorry I’ve been away from my blog/email…I must be going through a silent period. We’ve been so busy, I hardly have time to process our photos let alone post anything related to them. We’ve had hints of summer, but thankfully nothing too extreme (and still a fair about of grizzly (grey/drizzle-y) days, too ;-). I’m reading and knitting a lot and M is becoming ever more grown up…we’re ready for kindy, but glad we have this summer to play, as well as attend lots of fun camps (for him…I”m working :-p~~~) about every other week. Wishing for long distance travel, but enjoying lots of local adventures…heading to eastern Washington next weekend to dig for fossils and visit the Grand Coulee Dam. Loving these updates so much…next time I do a shutterfly update, I’ll let you know so you can at least see what we’re up to, if not have a journal entry :-). Hugs to you all!

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