This one’s for Michael

I took this photo on Saturday last week, before Michael left on Sunday morning for a week’s work in Florida. The little guy and I have been doing fine on our own – I’m finding it much easier than the couple of times Michael went away while we were in America. Our own house and good friends around the corner help a lot. And I guess the social contact of us both going to the barnehage helps a lot too. I’d even arranged one of my friends to babysit tonight (a first!) so I could go out to dinner with some colleagues, but Felix came down with a fever this afternoon so I had to cancel. I’m disappointed but not devastated. It’s just the way it goes sometimes…

On the way home from the barnehage we drive past the street where Michael works. Yesterday Felix got very distressed and pointed urgently at the street, saying ‘Dadda?’ Not long now, little man.

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