Sand and sun

It’s been a busy week and both my boys were stricken with gastro for a couple of days but today the sun finally came back and both boys felt better so Michael built Felix a sand-pit.

It turned out pretty great.

I went inside to make some waffles and from the kitchen window I could see them playing in the sand-pit. At that moment I was so very grateful. After waffles the sun still shone and shone so we walked to the forest.

Last time Felix had been here he was about this big. Now, all of a sudden, there is a little boy holding my hand. And it was a very good day indeed.

4 thoughts on “Sand and sun

  1. Wow! What an impressive sandpit. That must have been a very satisfying achievement for Michael. The seat cum lid (I presume) is a really neat design feature. Looks like a lovely day to enjoy the transition into having a little boy instead of a baby in your care. Xx.

  2. Snap! just like that – a sand pit and hiking boy! 😉 Well done, Michael & Felix! Being able to work inside while keeping an eye on the kiddo(s) is so wonderful. A gift, indeed. M just did his first 2 1/2 mile hike…longest ever and he did brilliantly. I’m so proud!

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