The new year has arrived and it is hot. 42, 40, 38. Felix has been going without clothes.

He’s also been spending a lot of time in the tub.

I think he has a pretty good life.


8 thoughts on “Scorchio

  1. Oh my! 42C?!? That’s 108F! Crazy. Does it help to think about Norway? My first Christmas we hiked in the Flinders, and it was so hot my body was physically crazing snow. I think it helped cool me a bit ;-). xoxo

  2. It does seem to me that eating naked and then being able basically to be hosed down outside is not a bad way to live if it’s that hot. At the monastery, there’s one rule that’s a constant and that becomes especially important in the summers: because we sleep in dormitory rooms, there’s no sleeping naked, period. It makes me wonder who woke up one day and found a naked body all splayed out in the bed across the room (or right nearby!).

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