Can’t stop knitting

Now that I have a knitting guru on hand I’ve finally started to knit Felix a cardigan! Mum helped me cast it on last week and Michael managed to catch the moment on camera.

I’ve been hard at it ever since. In fact, the only reason this post is finally being completed is that I’ve made another small mistake and I have to wait for Mum to get home to fix it before I can continue. (Before I leave I’m going to have to do a couple of sampler squares to practice picking up dropped stitches…)

I love these photos so much.


2 thoughts on “Can’t stop knitting

  1. Hurray! Go Meli go! Knit Meli knit! 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m working on my 3rd attempt to make a snow cap for R…I can’t seem to get the size right. So, now M has one, too ;-). They’ll look cute in their matching hats. Next up – bell bottom pants for my nephew & twirly skirts for my nieces. Wish I could join your knitting circle! xoxo

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