Over the past few days, there have been controlled burns in the park next to my parents’ house.

The air has been disconcertingly full of smoke.

But today the birds were back.


4 thoughts on “Smoke

  1. Wonderful pictures as usual. I particularly like the one of the burning stump, the way it’s hollowed out with the flames and the gorgeous colours of the ?parakeet, is that the correct name?. I envy you two months in the lovely sunshine, whilst I try to cope with Christmas and finishing my PhD which has to be in 31st December. It seems as though I’ll never get it done, and having to fit in working, shopping and having visitors as well, it seems a mountain too high to climb. Have a lovely holiday and come back refreshed yet sad at leaving Australia again. Felix is gorgeous as well, he always looks so chirpy as if nothing upsets or fazes him, a very contented baby. xxxx

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