Settling in

We made it! The journey was long and tiring but Felix took it in his stride. He slept on my lap. Now he is adjusting to the time-zone, all the attention from my family who adore him, and all the new sights and sounds, especially the raucous birds. It is just so different here.

We encountered these guys on our morning walk.

Felix really will need a few more days to get used to the noisy cockatoos. But he’s getting lots of cuddles, and lots of milk.

My parents are just so excited to see us, and have even prepared a special play corner for Felix. It’s going down well so far.

6 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Glad you had a good trip! The only place I saw animals like that in Australia was in the zoo… although I did have a frightening close encounter with the Crimson Rosella birds (only finding out a few years ago that the aren’t so big after all…but I was only 6 and they landed on my head and were gripping at my hair!!!) can’t wait to see more of your photos!

  2. How DELIGHTFUL! I remember waking up our first morning in the Blue Mountains, startled because our campsite was surrounded by MONKEYS! I was so confused…there aren’t monkeys in Australia – WHAT is all that racket?? Perhaps Felix wonders the same thing? So happy you’re home and that the trip is possible! Looks like we won’t be making ours until 2013, so surely by then M will be self-entertaining … right? Enjoy and please give your family big hugs and Felix a big smooch from distant Adelaide-loving friends.

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