Packing up

Felix has been getting into the spirit of things. No, really. This week, for the first time, he has been all about putting things inside other things. The other night in the bath, he spent a good ten minutes assiduously stuffing his squeezy sheep into a plastic cup, and then immediately scrabbling it out again. Michael, I said, come and look at this! And he sat on the bathroom floor, and we cheered and cheered, amazed at our son putting a toy in and out of a cup, over and over. Clearly a genius. (This is not to discount the pleasure of putting a baby in a box.)

We have only two days left here. We are mostly packed. We’ll ship our last two boxes tomorrow, and somehow fit everything else into our bags (maybe Felix will help). We’ve started cleaning our apartment but there is lots more cleaning to go. It will be a relief to get on the plane, despite the fact a long flight with a nine month old may not be terribly relaxing.

Today was Thanksgiving, and we had dinner with two of the women from my Mom’s group and their families. It was a lovely way to conclude our time here. The Mom’s meetup group has been, for me, one of the best things about being here. They even held a farewell meetup for me on Tuesday; I was so touched.

The past few days I have been walking my familiar paths, stopping in my familiar places, feeling like a ghost of myself.

On Monday we said goodbye to my friend Katya and her daughter Willow, who is almost exactly Felix’s age. Sharing our entry into motherhood over the past six months has been wonderful and I felt so sad after saying goodbye. We have decided to rectify the situation and see each other one more time before we leave. And I do so hope they visit us in Norway someday.

But this time next week we’ll be in Australia. This sounds too good to be true!


5 thoughts on “Packing up

  1. Is it really 6 months? how time slips by. You must have very mixed feelings, both sadness and joy. The friends you make when your little ones are small usually are the most lasting ones. Willow and Felix look so lovely together.
    Wishing you all of the best on your journey to your homeland, where I know eager Grandparents will be awaiting your arrival.

  2. I’m with Rosemary, the time seems to have flown by! Hard to make such friends, forge links with a place, and have to leave: but Felix is young and this is the time to do it! All the best, Meli, with this move back home. Hope all goes smoothly. I have loved your posts from two completely different countries: time for a new chapter 🙂

  3. Thanks guys. Yes it does feel strange! We have two months in Australia now, before heading back to Norway in February. They both feel a world away (which of course they are). One day left.

  4. Such a fun new blog! And can’t wait to explore all of your blogrolls :-). Dear friend, I am so very grateful for your time here – even though it wasn’t always a travel-rush ;-). And especially for our time together which was far too short. We were at the Nordic Heritage museum yesterday and talked about you and Felix during our time in the Norway room. Made us all very happy. I’m glad you had the chance to experience Thanksgiving with friends – what a lovely way to wrap up your visit. Wishing you safe travels *home* (real home) today. Please give your amazing boy a hug from us. Travel safe and enjoy your warm, sunny holiday! xoxo

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