Our last trip to Salt Lake City

We couldn’t help but come down here one last time. We may come back one day, but it won’t be for a while. When we were here in May, the snow hadn’t yet melted on the tops of the mountains, and just now it’s begun falling again.

The mountains are covered lightly, so you can still see their textured skin, and the autumn leaves look like frosted glass.

Felix looks like a very big, very warm teddy bear.


8 thoughts on “Our last trip to Salt Lake City

  1. I’m beginning to think Felix is a very big warm Teddy bear! I guess this means you’re all preparing for your departure soon. I’ve loved these autumn photos these past few weeks! They make me homesick!

  2. Can you believe it?? You’ll be home and in short pants in no time! Until then, so glad you and your snugly bear are enjoying so many beautiful seasons. xoxo

  3. Ooo! When you come back to Europe, maybe I will be able to come meet you and your wee babe! (I do love babies and toddlers, and the feeling often seems mutual, to my pleasure.) I’m just a hop across the Channel until late July…

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