Since we got back from Montana, it’s all been go here. Michael had a lot of deadlines, and I had one big one. At the same time Michael had a workshop which meant he was home late every night. And then he went away for four days. And now there is a lot to sort out as Michael leaves for a week in Norway this weekend, and Felix and I are flying to Seattle to stay with a blogfriend! I am very much looking forward to that. But the past few days I’ve been so tired I’ve felt like I’ve been walking through treacle. Oh, and Felix decided he wanted to grow two teeth. Which I hope explains his new habit of staying awake for an hour and a half in the early hours of the morning. And I hope it stops soon, too.

It’s sort of cathartic to write it all out – I feel better already. I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous fall weather here in Idaho Falls – it’s cool (and sometimes cold) first thing in the morning, but the sun shines brightly every day and it warms up quickly to the mid-twenties. The mother’s group has continued to be great. Apart from that, I’m just getting a tiny bit bored of the four or five activities I have to choose between to keep Felix happy every day (two coffee shops, a bakery, a walk along the river and the park). Sometimes I try to do them in a different order just to spice things up a bit. He still loves the trains at Barnes and Noble. And he loves the toddler girls in the mothers’ group. They love him too. It’s very rare that I can spend a whole awake period (three hours or so) at home with him – he just gets so restless, but perks up the moment I put him in the stroller.

But we get a new adventure next week! (I am so so so glad – I would have gone completely nuts on my own for a week). And just two months until we leave for two months in Australia. Cannot wait. After that it’s back to Norway and back to work for the tail end of winter. So I must not wish these last two months in the US away – life will be so different once the little guy starts in the barnehage. I have a feeling he will not be very impressed at me leaving him, but I think he’ll like it a lot once he gets used to it – he’s pretty keen on social interaction. Well, better get back to folding the laundry to facilitate our packing…


4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. It’s hard to feel enthusiastic if you’re knackered as well as bored. Glad to hear the teeth are through, though – it’s something to see a result for all the pain, I guess.
    Have you considered spending some of the walking time as ‘ginko’ time, with a digital recorder/ your iPod – you might get some haiku out of it, if Felix isn’t facing you, that is. The impossible things we suggest when we no longer walk with children… I don’t know, it’s probably a silly idea.
    Enjoy Seattle! hope you get some sleep 😀

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