Symphony in the park

Felix and I went to a concert in the park this evening. Michael went to a demolition derby instead. I think we had more fun. The Idaho Falls symphony orchestra played Strauss, Grieg, and Elgar, as well as a couple of American classics. If Strauss counts as Germanic, Felix had a good proportion of his adopted nationalities represented! They just needed a rendition of Waltzing Matilda.The Star Spangled Banner was oddly moving as everyone stood up and put their hand on their heart. I felt conspicuous not doing it (I stood, but left my heart alone). The Land of Hope and Glory could have done with a couple of thousand Brits madly waving Union Jacks Flags, but it was uplifting all the same (apparently here they play it at high school graduations!). The Firefighter’s pipe band also played a few tunes in honour of September 11. If that wasn’t emotional enough the orchestra moved straight onto Grieg. (They love Grieg here, it’s always on the Classical radio station.) So I was on the verge of tears several times but it was a fabulous night. The trees were glowing in the late sunlight, just getting ready to turn golden. Felix thoroughly enjoyed his picnic, eating two rice crackers, two crusts of bread, half a jar of butternut squash and half a jar of pear, making a grand mess. He met a white fluffy dog and a ten month old baby called John. We managed to stay right till then end – an encore of In the Hall of the Mountain King. Just awesome.


One thought on “Symphony in the park

  1. Sounds wonderful. And Felix looks so intent on watching it all, even as he munches.
    The hand on heart thing is interesting. Many years ago when I was at primary school we used to have a formal ceremonial routine every assembly where we would be expected to stand to attention, salute the flag, place our hand on our heart while we stated we loved our country, and honoured the queen, and a couple of other movements that escape me now. Your story brought it back.

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