A cabin in the woods

Sigh. We had such a great trip! It’s a bit sad to be home again.

We stayed in a cabin just outside of Polebridge, affiliated with the North Fork Hostel. It didn’t have any electricity, which was a really welcome break from the outside world.

Square Peg North Cabin, to be precise. It was awesome. High ceiling, plenty of windows, a loft area, and a fireplace.

Felix had a great time, but was quite concerned about the strange bright crackling creature.

Polebridge itself was tiny but surprisingly lovely.

The Polebridge Mercantile doubled as a bakery, serving a bewildering array of freshly baked pastries (our favourite was the ‘bear claw’).

The Northern Lights Saloon, next door, offered tasty meals, beer in jars, and huckleberry pie.

We were pretty much in heaven.

2 thoughts on “A cabin in the woods

  1. Looking at the Square Peg North Cabin for our family of 3 – saw your info! Most helpful! Any other insights or cabin photos to share? Trying to research lodging options remotely – we live in Tennessee! Thanks!

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