Another County Fair

Did I mention I am loving Montana? On our way back from the Glacier National Park we are stopping for a few nights in Hamilton, just south of Missoula. It’s a lively farming town with a sweet main street and an awesome microbrewery (we can recommend not only the beer but the black bean burger and the veggie burrito). Our visit happens to coincide with their annual fair, so Michael had a ball of a time snapping up the action.

The animals were beautiful. I felt a little sorry for the shiny fat pigs being auctioned off by their young owners, but it was hard not to get into the spirit of things.

In the Beef pavilion I stopped to read a poster which told the story of the breech birth of a calf – after it stuck its feet out they tried to pull its legs, then they tried chains, and eventually some sort of ‘cow wrench’ did the trick. A teenage boy asked if we had cows too. ‘No,’ I said, ‘but we have a baby’. He didn’t immediately make the connection.

The produce halls and the young people’s exhibits were also entertaining.

I enjoyed strolling past all the side-shows and the rides, reminiscing about my childhood.

My old favourite the Zipper was there in action but I wasn’t tempted. I must be getting old. Michael went back in the evening to see the rodeo and take photos of the shiny lights.


One thought on “Another County Fair

  1. The Zipper!! I honestly thought this was just my childhood nemesis/awesomest ride ever from our local county fair. That’s hilarious. Such amazing pictures again; Nasser is writing about ‘crossing America’ right now and between him and these photos, I’m really getting the itch.

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