Felix goes grocery shopping

Felix had his first ride in the front of a shopping trolley today. There are so many unanticipated firsts. He looks very big and brave in the photo but he really did look so tiny there, clinging on and looking around. I was so excited I told the Walmart greeter that it was his first time, and he gave her a big smile. He liked the new angle it gave him on things but he’d had enough after about half an hour (even in the stroller he can only survive for half an hour in Walmart and I can’t blame him). It felt like a big deal. And it was much much easier than pushing the stroller with one hand and trying to balance a basket in the other. Afterwards, he was exhausted.

Sorry for the one dimensional nature of the blog at the moment. There are other things I want to write about and show you, but this feels like the most important one right now.

Earlier in the day we went to storytime. At the moment he just wants to sit at my feet and untie my shoelaces. He got quite annoyed when I tried to lift him onto my lap to join in with the songs!

This evening for the first time he managed to finish his bowl of mashed banana and baby oatmeal.

This past week, sometimes strangers make him cry.

He is getting more and more interested in his board books – he loves to scratch the pictures and whack the pages, and sometimes he tries to turn them.

When he sits and plays with his toys, he likes to put them down as far away as he can reach, leave them for a minute, and pick them up again.

When he’s hungry he lunges at my breast, or munches enthusiastically on my shoulder. If we’re out and about, though, the feed will only last for two minutes max, because the world is far too exciting.

Today he almost almost managed to roll from his tummy to his back, about three times. (He has been able to roll the other way with ease for ages, but noisily demands to be rescued every time.)

Last night just before bedtime he was sitting up in my bed absorbed in a private game. It looked for all the world like he was pretending to pick things up and put them in his mouth, over and over again.


2 thoughts on “Felix goes grocery shopping

  1. I remember being too big to fit in the front of the shopping trolley – it was a sad day! I’m trying to imagine what a grocery store must look like to Felix – it’s providing me with an excellent mental game (i.e. procrastination…). You know, I see what you mean by *feeling* like your blog is one-dimensional as the writer, but as a reader, I don’t feel it. I like the way that Felix makes you look at the whole world differently – it’s like being in love: suddenly, you realise that everyone else is out there, and it’s all quite new and terrifyingly beautiful.

  2. you have an amazing memory! and thank you so much. i find the little guy absolutely fascinating but don’t expect the world to share my obsession! you’re right, it’s such a different mode of being he’s in right now, it’s intriguing to try to imagine it.

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