Six months

Well, my dear sweet boy, it seems tonight you have forgotten how to sleep (or, more precisely, sleep without me by your side), which means composing this post is taking longer than I had anticipated. We do however persist in lugging you all over the country, so it’s perfectly understandable if it takes you a couple of days to get back to normal. I’ve left you snoozing in my bed, which you’ve made abundantly clear is more palatable than your crib this evening. It is your half-birthday, after all.

You were weighed and measured two weeks ago, and you are a very tall and healthy guy. You were 8.4 kilos and 71cm, which puts you at the 99th percentile for height and 78th percentile for weight, and means you’ve grown on average three centimetres a month! At six months, you love water bottles, paper cups, and, most of all, plastic cups with icy drinks inside.

You also love cameras, the TV remote, and our computers. You would quite like to eat them all. You will also happily gnaw away on a stick of sweet potato or a pizza crust. You are not so keen on any form of goo.

You really are a charming little fellow, and whenever we are out and about (which is often, as you insist upon it), you are constantly scanning the environment for new people to entrance. When we were out at a pizza restaurant in Boise, the waitress was trying to tell us the specials, but you kept interrupting with your own monologue: ‘aha! aha! aha!’ You looked very pleased with yourself and had the rest of us in stitches.

Your hair is getting fairer and thicker. Your eyes are going greyish in the middle – I don’t know if they’ll end up grey-green like mine or grey-blue like you father’s. You are learning to sit up and can manage it for a couple of seconds at a time. You’ve discovered you can rest your feet on the tray on your stroller.

You are very clear about what you want, and if we suggest you might like to chew on one of your toys instead of the TV remote, for example, you are not easily convinced. You have also just worked out that if you throw something on the floor we will pick it up for you. You think this highly entertaining.

You love your baths. You especially want to eat the flannel. You look for it as soon as we get in. I do not encourage this. You love getting dried off after your baths by your father. He’s invented a game where he drops a little towel on top of your face, saying ‘where’s my baby?’ and you pull it off and you laugh at each other.

You are still a snuggly little guy. When you are tired you cling to my shoulders and bury your face in my neck.

Today we walked with you along the river, hung out with you in the coffee shop, and played with trains for the first time in the Barnes and Noble. We didn’t buy you a train yet but we bought you some farm animals to play with in the bath. We celebrated with cupcakes after you went to bed (six months is quite an achievement for us, too).

You are the sweetest and funniest person we know. You’ve changed everything. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

7 thoughts on “Six months

  1. What a sweet first photo and lovely ode to your son. I meant to write regular letters to my son since his birth (or even before that, actually), but somehow, the moment he’s put in bed to sleep, I know longer have the energy or motivation to do so. Good for you that you do! BTW- my son (now 1 1/2) was also 71 cm at his 6 month appointment- just like Felix. The only difference is that he was also 9.5 kilo (99%tile). It’s so strange how they all of a sudden plateau around 1 year and all that baby chub just disappears. Keep up the writing!

  2. What a precious update! Happy half-birthday to Felix and happy 1/2 birth day to Mama! 🙂 I honestly don’t know how we would have survived without the Barnes & Noble train table in the early years (LOL). We eventually started piecing together our own and guess what? He won’t touch the thing at home. However, he still wants to pay the B&N one a visit when we’re out! Love the feet & your little latte “drinker”!! 😉

  3. He’s so handsome! If we were in the same postcode–or even on the same continent–I would keep my eye out for him (and you, obviously); I love to entertain babies at random moments in public places. Meanwhile: happy half-year to him and to you too.

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