Sunday, June 19

There are a lot of signs around at the moment informing me that this Sunday is father’s day. ‘Dad wants a recliner’, they say, ‘Dad wants boots’. ‘Buy Dad a nook for father’s day’. All week the supermarkets have sported ‘Dad’ themed cakes and cupcakes, including one luridly iced one resembling a BBQ grill. I am happy to say none of these have made an appearance in this house, although I know Michael misses his recliner.

Today is also the day, seven years ago, when Michael and I caught a train from York to Leeds together, and came back holding hands. This was a very good thing indeed.

Seven years, and many adventures (and countries) later, we are three, not two. We’ve learnt to paraglide, visited each other’s homelands, weathered some storms, and learnt how to soothe an overtired baby. I love both my guys dearly. Michael is doing a superb job of this fatherhood business. Felix is always so happy to see him when he comes home from work, and no one can make him laugh quite like Michael can. Here’s to another seven years, my love. x

4 thoughts on “Sunday, June 19

  1. I think that I have quite fallen in love with this gorgeous boy. Every Tuesday, I have my little boy, Jonah and he loves to sit on my knee and watches Felix on the computer. He watches spell bound as I scroll through your pics. Best wishes, Jx

  2. Those seven years have passed very quickly with lots of events and adventures and a lovely little boy. I remember you going to the Minster with us all to hear Catherine’s group sing and meeting Michael outside. Just the early days.

    Bye the way, I have three pretty little kitties who are now six weeks old, nearly ready to leave us. I’d post a picture but they are all black and just look like a big black splodge no matter how you photograph them. They are however demons in disguise and tear around the living room at 125miles an hour until they drop exhausted in the nearest box or cushion or even in the underneath lining of the armchair. xx

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