Brown and grey

There really are a lot of parking spaces around here. Also, whoever designed the decor for our sunless apartment was not having a good day when they decided on brown on brown. All the furniture is heavy dark wood. The carpet is beige. The bedspreads are brown. The bed itself has a huge wooden end to it which has caused me several nasty bruises, all on top of each other (admittedly, not for a while, I must be getting used to it). The apartment is decorated with faux plants, including an entire little tree in the bedroom, which we didn’t even notice for the first couple of weeks. I miss my sunny kitchen.

Luckily the weather is getting nicer around here and we have decided that as an antidote to brown we will spend as much time outside as possible. I see many walks, parks and picnics in our future. We went to a lovely BBQ last night and I spent most of the day making a cake to take along. “The world’s best cake”, to be precise. It lives up to its name.

2 thoughts on “Brown and grey

  1. I remember thinking that when I stayed with my (now ex… although it was nothing to do with the decor of his house!) boyfriend at his place in America. So much brown, and heavy wood. They had wood panelled walls (even though it was a new house), with dark mahogany doors. I felt like I’d been consumed by a wardrobe!

  2. What an excellent photo – very American! (LOL!) Oh that cake looks divine!! Ouch to all those bruises! Could you wrap the ends with towels or something…sort of baby-proofing for grown ups? 😉 Glad the weather will help make up for all the dullness of your home!

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