Salt Lake City

We’ve had such a nice weekend. The weather wasn’t really up for paragliding, so we thought hard about Felix-friendly activities, and kicked off the weekend with a visit to Cabela’s – an outdoor and hunting store that has its own aquarium and displays of stuffed animals, and everything is big (go on, click on that link, you know you want to). We put Felix in the sling so he could have a look around. He liked watching the fish, and was pretty impressed with the mooses and the bears.

We then thought we’d go for a walk in the mountains but it was a bit cold.

So we decided to eat cake instead. (The Coffee Garden was fabulous – thanks for the tip, Rainblissed!)

We then wandered around the 9th and 9th district, and fell madly in love with all the sweet, strange, decrepit houses, the tangled cottage gardens and the tall tall trees.


4 thoughts on “Salt Lake City

  1. Wow! Looks like a fun time so far.

    I do admit that things are definitely bigger in the southern US. From my experience, things aren’t as big in the northern US (aside from stores like Costco/Sam’s Club). In Texas, especially, everything EVERYTHING is bigger!

  2. Cabela’s is a bit over the top, eh? But so fun for littles :-). Glad you enjoyed the coffee and strolling the neighborhood. Such wonderful places discovered!

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