Road trip


7 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Sure! It was a joint effort. Michael was driving and said – Mel take a picture of those dogs. Very serendipitous moment!

    We didn’t stop at the oasis. It probably involved a burger joint…

  2. I agree Mel, your photos are just wonderful. The pics of Felix are getting better and better, partly I guess from knowing him so well now!!! But landscapes are great too. I would like to use some for the landscape unit if that’s ok with you.

    it is indeed a great artistic partnership.

    • thanks jane! we’re flattered and of course it’s ok for you to use the photos. michael says he was never any good at art at school but he reckons he’s found his medium now…

  3. How disappointing re the oasis! I was imagining some sort of green and scenic rest spot, and wondering why it would be titled an interstate one! However a burger joint makes total sense, and the sleight of hand (or should I say ‘eye’) re the name would certainly encourage more visitors.

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