Settling in

We went for a drive today and came across a herd of cows and some real-life cowboys.

There were a lot of very small, very sweet calves,

and atmospheric clouds.

In other news, on top of adjusting to the new time-zone, Felix is recovering from his first ever cold. It’s not very nice for him, but not as terrible as I feared it would be. He just needs a bit more reassurance than usual, and has been very snuffly today. I haven’t slept for more than two hours straight for several days, but am holding up ok. Here he is getting into the spirit of things.


6 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Love the pictures of the cows, and Felix is looking so grown up. Isn’t it noticeable how when you go to another country the photos take on a different hue?

  2. he’s pretty funny! there was a cowgirl too but unfortunately we didn’t get a picture…

    felix is sleeping better but still not happy. really hope he feels better soon.

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