Ready to go

I was going to write – it’s hard to leave Norway in May. It’s true, the country is now at its most beautiful – the brand new glittery birch leaves are a sight to behold, and it’s light forever. But the past couple of days it’s been raining. So it’s not that hard. I will miss our long evening walks into the forest: the slanty light, the cool, fragrant air, Felix cooing at the treetops. Last week I even saw a young deer standing staring at me on the path ahead. I didn’t get a picture of the deer, so here is dear Whitby instead:

Things are finally coming together. Our passports with our visas arrived on Monday, much to our relief. We’ve renewed our residency permits and got one for Felix. Our cats have a home for the time we’re away (we left them cowering under the sofa on Saturday, but apparently already by Sunday they were much happier). We’ve arranged for some friends to stay in our house while we’re away. We even managed to sell our car! Talk about leaving everything to the last minute.

The place feels a bit bereft without the cats, to tell the truth. I hope they are having a good time exploring their new kingdom.

Felix has recovered from his vaccination grumpiness but it has mucked up his sleep patterns. I guess they’re about to get mucked up anyway. He is still being very adorable. He loves to say ‘agoo’. Michael was zooming him around like an aeroplane one evening, and every time he zoomed in to give me a kiss, he said ‘agoo!’ And last night I was giving him a bath, and he looked at me quietly, saying ‘oooooooo’. ‘Can you say agoo, Felix?’, I asked. ‘Aaaagoooo’, he said. He just melts my heart.

We just have to pack up the last bits, and tidy up a tad more. Someone’s coming to pick us up at 7am tomorrow morning. I’m so, so excited.


7 thoughts on “Ready to go

  1. Feeling excited for you all. Hope everything goes well, and look foward to hearing about your adventures Stateside. Bon Voyage, and all the best to the three of you.

  2. have a good trip! I bet Felix doesn’t know what he’s in for…transatlantic flight, different environment… I think he’s lucky to start seeing the world from such a young age!!

  3. Right now we’re just tired! Michael has done an insane amount of work getting this all ready… (I’ve been helping but often have my hands tied by the little man.) We closed the deal on the car tonight, finished tidying up and packing, and said farewell to a couple of close friends. I don’t think the house has ever looked this tidy. Felix finally went to sleep at 9.30 after only three twenty minute naps all day. The alarm is set for 5.30. Looking forward to sitting on the plane, although I guess with a three month old it’s not going to be quite as relaxing as usual…

  4. Oh, have a wonderful, Felix-happy/sleepy flight! I’m so excited that we’re about to be neighbors! I hope it’s still spring in ID. Our lilacs are in full bloom now. Hoping yours will be too. Let me know where to send your book when you get settled in. Hope to see you this summer!!

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