Happy mother’s day

To my Mum,

Michael’s Mum,

my Grandma,

my Nanna,

all those other wonderful Mamas out there (especially those who have been cheering me on from my comments box – I really appreciate it),

and me.


5 thoughts on “Happy mother’s day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Meli! It’s your 2nd for the year, and not so exciting or exhausting as Felix’s birth on Norwegian mother’s day I am sure. But lovely to celebrate now you are well along the first little bit of this rewarding and challenging journey. Who knows what being a mother will hold for any of us mothers, but I’m so glad you are getting the chance to experience this rich aspect of life.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Mel. What a joy it has been to read your blog and watch that beautiful little man grow. The latest photos have a painting in them! Jx

  3. aw thank you! nice to have you reading, jane. (you know it still feels funny to call you that.) i feel a very very long way from the shy fifteen year old sketching the blossom trees outside your art room…

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