We took these photos last weekend at the fortress. Three days before this, when I had been up there with my grandparents, there was scarcely a hint of green anywhere. Now, a week later, nearly everything is green. Our grass has turned green and grown several inches and almost needs a mow already. Spring always seems to turn up when I’ve just about given up on it, like a wayward lover appearing at your doorstep with flowers, two weeks too late.

And then all of a sudden its as if it’s always been here. It’s so warm and lovely here to day I even had a bounce on the trampoline. This place really seems like a different country once the warmer weather sets in. Too bad we’re off in less than three weeks. But I guess it will be spring in America too!

4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Gorgeous! Well, along the coast we’re having the coldest Spring in 55 years. There’s still lots of blooming going on (and it’s always green), but I should think that there will be plenty of Spring waiting for you in 3 weeks time [even though it’s so much warmer, in general, one state inland]. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. In the UK everything is at least 3 weeks early. The blossom has finished, the daffs are long gone, and the summer flowers are in bloom, and it is only the end of April. This weather is crazy – I had wrongly assumed that our flowers would be late after such a cold winter. We have had no rain now for 2 months.

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