Ten weeks

Well, you’ve just survived about the busiest week of your life, with great-grandparents and grandparents to play with! You’ve charmed everybody with your cheeky smiles, ‘agoo’s, and exclamations of delight, and have only got yourself dreadfully over-tired once or twice. You’ve been lugged about to Fredrikstad, Sweden, the fortress (twice), deep into the forest, four different restaurants, a BBQ at a friend’s house, your first train ride and a picnic at the lakes. If there is too much going on or too many people in one day you do get a little overwhelmed, which is completely understandable, but mostly you are happy to watch the world go by and ‘goo’ at those who smile at you.

You’ve decided that you only need three half-hour naps during the day (I’m hoping you decide differently at some point), but you’ve been sleeping most marvelously well overnight – we’ve had several stretches of 9.30pm to 6am, which is pretty luxurious. (And lucky, I know.) Last weekend you discovered your hands but there’s been too much going on for you to really get into them yet. You like pinching fabric now, and you still adore your baths. And your milk. Oh yes.

On Wednesday I heaved you up onto my shoulder and thought – what? You’ve got heavier overnight! You do suddenly seem so much bigger. You’ve been here long enough that I’ve got used to you being around, and got past a certain fatigue that I think I felt around six weeks. But I still look at you sometimes, your shiny little eyes that almost constantly seek out my face, and think, but how did you get here? I am very glad you did.


5 thoughts on “Ten weeks

  1. thank you! of course it was michael who took the photos. i especially love the last one – me looking at felix, felix looking at me, standing at the gate with the dappled road winding on behind us.

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