Look, no hands!

We tried the little guy out in the sling today. I’d sort of been aiming to all week, but was defeated by all the different straps and buckles. With a bit of help from Michael I’ve got the hang of it now, and it’s actually pretty simple. The instructions say with babies this small they are supposed to face towards you, not away from you, but he hates that, and I think this is ok for short periods. I want to get him used to it so he can stay in it for longer when we’re traveling or going for walks etc. He wasn’t as dubious as the photo makes it look, and I think he actually quite liked it. He likes to be able to see what’s going on.

He’s started gripping on to fabrics and things, like the side of his pram. And today I saw him look at his own hands for the first time. Tiny, tiny little steps, and I know all babies make them, but it gives you such a thrill when it’s your own. And he laughs at us, sometimes, too. And we are always laughing at him.

Now. I was writing this on Sunday evening, and was interrupted by a phone call from my Grandma who had arrived that morning in Amsterdam, but was calling to say she didn’t know if they could get here on Monday as planned, because her handbag had been stolen and her passport was in it!!! So we felt very sad that we might not see them and worried about them both. Luckily the embassy sorted it all out on Monday morning, and they managed to get a later flight the same day, so arrived on Monday night. It is so so lovely to have them here, but I am a bit busy for blogging right now. We’ll try and take some pictures tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Look, no hands!

  1. Oh my! How scary for your Grandma! Glad things got sorted out. How wonderful that Felix is enjoying being worn! I can’t wait until my sister comes for a visit this summer so I can take her twins for a spin (one in front & one on back)!! Have a lovely visit with your family!!

  2. Goodness, I’m so glad your Grandma’s things were sorted so quickly. That’s awfully bad luck. And so lovely for you that she is finally there. Babby looking bonny as always! he’s enjoying himself there.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandma’s problems. I’m glad it was sorted out quickly however and that you are now enjoying her company. It’s so scary when things like that happen.
    Baby looks to be enjoying himself and is probably less fazed by the whole thing than his mum. xx

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