Four years

Four years ago I started this blog. Blogging suits me because I like to write, and reflect, and turn things into stories. I like the scrap-book approach of sticking everything in together, and putting up photos so that when you scroll through them they make a narrative. Sometimes I do it for my family, who are far away, sometimes for Michael, sometimes for the writers of the blogs I read. And I do it for strangers, who might stumble across this site and stay a while, as I do with other blogs, loving the windows they give into other lives. But mostly I do it because it satisfies a need in me, to record things, to create things, to write things down.

Four years ago I couldn’t have imagined my life today, although I suppose it’s a fairly predictable trajectory: PhD, House, Wedding, Baby. Each of them utterly exciting. Along the way there’s been plenty of traveling, and flying high in the sky, and watching the seasons come and go, and a couple of very sad things too. And of course not everything is perfect, and there are things I don’t write about. But lately I have found myself thinking of my friend Kate, who died. Who should not have died, but there was a stupid accident, and she did. Kate had a lovely life, and loved life fiercely, but twenty-seven years is not enough. Sometimes when I stand in the kitchen of my little house, and look at my child, I am sad that Kate didn’t have the chance to experience all this. I am grateful for my life, and for my little family and the lives we are building together. I am grateful I can watch the rain ploshing circles on our deck.

I am a little nervous about our next adventure – in a month’s time we leave for six months in the USA, and there is a lot to sort out here first – but I am grateful for the opportunity. And then we plan to visit Australia, and then to return to our cosy little house and the tail-end of another Norwegian winter. Bring it on.

10 thoughts on “Four years

  1. It is amazing to look back over these last few years… That’s very sad about your friend, Kate, but she was doing something she loved and looking forward to beautiful things. It’s horrible that she was taken in the midst of that, but she was obviously happy and if I have to go unexpectedly, I certainly hope to be happy in the moment!
    On a different note, I can’t wait to hear more about your american adventure!

  2. Oh! I want to know where you’ll be in my country! (I myself am only here for a couple of months beyond when you arrive, and then I’m off to England–so we’ll criss-cross the Atlantic alternately.) And obviously I hope that you’ll have a wonderful time over here.

    • we’re heading to idaho, of all places! idaho falls, to be precise. we visited last year so i sort of know what to expect. it’s close to salt lake city, so hopefully we’ll get some more paragliding in… where are you? and where are you headed in the england? exciting!

  3. I remember your friend Kate as well as some of the other sorrows you have shared here. Your post reminds me of all that I (we) have to be grateful for. I’m glad you’re “here” and look forward to seeing you _here) should you be nearby during your American tour :-).

  4. What exciting news for you all. We have just returned from a holiday in USA. When someone dies young it does make you feel reflective and that life is unfair. My neice is dying of Motor Neurone Disease, she has three little girls, one 7 and twins 4 – life can be very cruel, we have to make to most of every day we have.

  5. Meli! You’ll be so close to us!! Idaho is just one state away. I would love to meet up this summer if you guys want to venture West, or meet up when we’re planning a camping trip East :-).

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