In the few quiet moments I can salvage, I am trying – very belatedly – to pull together a book proposal out of my thesis. Every time I sit down to do this, I think – but no one will ever be interested in publishing a book out of my strange and obscure thesis. How do I defend my choice of authors? Why these four, and not others? But at the very same time, I’m really proud of my thesis. I know it’s well written and interesting and some of it – enough of it – is new. And why shouldn’t it be published, when it reads so well, and I know some people, at least, would like to read it. So. I cannot afford to remain blocked at this point. Which I have told myself a thousand times, and now the baby awakes.


3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Wishing you writing speed in this process! I know so many people who finished their thesis loathing it, so never even tried to publish. I’m so glad you’re proud of it and planning to make it happen! May I sign up for a copy when it’s done?? 🙂

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