Sibling rivalry

Today I was holding Felix and Mermos (our black cat) decided it was time for a cuddle. He purred and nudged Felix with his head until I put Felix on my shoulder. Mermos promptly curled up on my lap. I passed Felix to Michael. Mermos enjoyed pride of place for a while but then decided he needed to sit on Michael. When Michael passed Felix back to me, however, Mermos followed immediately.


4 thoughts on “Sibling rivalry

  1. Just as long as mermos doesnt deide he owns the cot like mine did. he was so heartbroken to have to be removed and ultimately banned from the room πŸ™‚
    My mum was always neurotically looking for cat hair in the baby’s eyes…and there never was any of course.

  2. oh yes the cats would love to requisition all of felix’s sleeping places/car seats/chairs… the absolute funniest thing is when whitby wants felix to throw his mouse for him. too funny.

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